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Clean Install Orginal OS with minimal driver installation

Clean Install Orginal OS with minimal driver installation
Product no.: AD21
Your price: $40.00

Reinstall the computer's original operating system. Installing virus protection or other software and backing up/restoring files cost extra. This service is recommended for computers with heavy software-based problems caused by disruption of system files by malware or fools and which contain no files which the customer does not mind being deleted. In the process of this service, all files on the selected partition of the hard drive will be erased and overwritten with the original working operating system. The result is a computer that, at least software-wise will work as well as if just purchased, but without the unnecessary bloatware. Installation of system updates will be included if the customer has time, though it is a simple matter for the customer to run them him- or herself provided internet access.

If the computer is a tower (AKA desktop computer), then the included minimal driver installation should cover all user needs. However, if the computer is a laptop with features such as builtin wifi, webcam, fingerprint scanner, et cetera, then I recommend spending an additional $5-10 on the Complete Driver Installation. If the additional cost and time is unwanted, I'll be happy to provide a shortcut link on the desktop to the webpage where all the laptop's drivers may be downloaded at no additional dharge.

This is priced assuming that there is still a valid and readable registration code for the OS attached to the computer's case.


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