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About Me

I am a computer serviceman who has been working since I moved here in 2008. 

During the college semesters, I was a full-time student going for  a major in Biological Systems Engineering until this Spring (2011). Now I'm on my own making money to become a resident for UC tuition purposes.

My specialities are networking, web apps, and PCs.

I have studied networking extensively. I keep myself up to date with the latest web apps (web browser-based applications) with and I read Maximum PC magazine.

I can do everything with computers AND devices.

History of Nick Tech-Know

I started doing this business shortly after moving here from Northern Alabama for college. My brother and I came up with this business name as a way to make myself appear more savvy and a way to hide my real lastname, which is an annoyance to my family, to say the least.

My clients

My customers have ranged from small business owners with networking issues to people on the street with cell phone problems. My wide ranging talents are valuable to many.

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